Use Specific Wall Paint Colors to Spice up The Look And Feel of Your Home

Although it is an open secret that wall paint colors make or break the appearance of the home, most people still settle with regular paints to color the walls. The result is dull-looking, boring walls which not only ruins the feel and look for the rooms but the overall aesthetic appeals of the house as well. To get the best output, it is thus recommended that you should use wall paint colors that are dedicated for walls.

Interior vs. exterior

When you think of wall paints, there are two types of walls that you have to deal with – interior walls and exterior walls. The kind of treatment these walls receive is different, and thus it is widely recommended that special wall paint colors are being used to paint the interior and exterior walls.

Interior walls are subjected to cleaning, scrubbing and need to be stain resistant. Exterior walls, on the other hand, face the elements and thus are more prone to get faded or affected by mildews. To meet the different requirements of these walls, different wall paints with different properties and formulations are available. You need to ensure that you are using wall paint color which is appropriate as per the wall type.

It certainly does not make sense to invest on interior paints to color the exterior of the house as well. That paint will not be equipped to combat the elements and thus would end up getting faded, thereby kill the whole appearance of the house. Likewise, investing on exterior paints to paint the interiors makes little sense.

Variants of paint

There are many different variants of Berger paints that are available in the market. You cannot just pick any one of them and apply them on the walls. Every room inside the house has a different requirement as far as paint type and finishing is concerned. While the bedroom may demand a more satin and velvety finish, the kitchen walls may need durable and easy to clean paint on them.

It is thus important that while choosing the paints for the walls of the house, you take into consideration the type of rooms and the finish that would be appropriate for them. Only then you would be able to do justice to the money that you would be spending on wall paints.

Which paint is ideal?

As a rule of the thumb, high gloss paints are ideal for kitchen walls, as they have the properties of being shiny, hard and able to reflect light. Semi-gloss paints are great to fight moisture and hence they are best for bathroom walls. Satin finish paints have that velvety finish, smooth touch and sophisticated looks which make them ideal to be used in bedrooms, family room, or hallways.

Flat or matte paints have the highest pigments and thus are good for providing a non-reflective look to the room. As matte paints are hard to clean, it should be used on walls where there are limited chances of getting stained, like the adult’s bedroom or guest rooms where children do not go quite often.

Make Your Bathroom More Unique by Selecting Unique Tiles

To give your bathroom a unique and exceptional look, you need not be an interior designer. You can surely make your bathroom a place of relaxing with your personal style sense. The perfect styling of the bathroom completely depends on proper selection of tiles. Either you can go for natural stone or porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain and it will generate excitement to the bathroom decoration too. So, if you want to give your bathroom a rustic or classic appearance, then these are the following tips that you can surely opt for.

Have a traditional design in an innovative way: The time has arrived to give your bathroom an innovative appearance. Marble or other natural stones are used in slabs for a long time. Well, today you can make a change to it and add the flavor of modernization to it. This will definitely create a fashionable appearance to your home. Here you can surely opt for some exclusive designer tiles with necessary designs. You can surely try for hexagonal shapes. These will surely give a flawless beauty to your bathroom.

Rustic and modern Mash-up:

This is actually a good mixture of modern and contemporary designs. Here you can surely go for a good combination of tiles of the wood plank with metallic mosaic. The feature of this design is 6×40 porcelain tile planks. Again, within the bathroom, you can go for designing the sinks and bathtubs too with floor tiles.

Down-To-Earth Accent with modern designs

Creativity is always there when you go for mixing the tile designs between modern and contemporary. Going with porcelain rustic look wood tiles will give a new innovation once it is blended with contemporary designs. Installing tiles with a wooden appearance on the wall other than floor will surely give your bathroom a completely new get up.

Add the Playful Touch on the mosaic

Adding some exceptional playful touch on the mosaic will make your bathroom more exotic. Here your bathroom will get an ultra modern look and it will also have a vigorous visual effect. This glamorous appearance will become more cozy with the blend of white pebble with energetic black. With that, if you add glass enclosure then it will become more elegant for your bathroom.

Eternal Elegance

To give the bathroom more elegant feeling it will surely need to apply a proper mixing of materials with traditional styles.

So, these are the ways that you can surely change the get up of your bathroom by applying natural stone with modern style.